Safari Bookmark

How To Add Your Bookmark Tool

  • Make your Bookmarks Bar visible. If it isn't already visible, go to the menu
    View > Show Bookmarks Bar.
  • Drag the blue button below, and drop it on your Bookmarks Toolbar.
  • All My Faves Bookmark
  • It's that simple to use. Give it a try and visualize your bookmarks.

Visual Bookmarks Perks

  • -  Instant bookmarking
  • -  Saves your bookmarks to one clean visual page used as the ultimate homepage
  • -  Saves the Web page or site you love without interfering your Web browsing
  • -  Instantly accessible on all your devices
  • -  Any website you choose to add will be presented with it's own logo
  • -  Easy and intuitive access to your favorite websites

How It Looks Like