Internet Explorer Bookmark

How To Add Your Bookmark Tool

  • Make your Links Toolbar visible. If it isn't already checked, right click on any part of the menu bar and click on Links (make sure the check sign appears next to the word).
  • Right click on the blue button below, then click on Add to Favorites.
  • To complete the process, save your favorite in the Links/Favorites Bar folder so it appears in your Links Toolbar.
  • All My Faves Bookmark

Visual Bookmarks Perks

  • -  Instant bookmarking
  • -  Saves your bookmarks to one clean visual page used as the ultimate homepage
  • -  Saves the Web page or site you love without interfering your Web browsing
  • -  Instantly accessible on all your devices
  • -  Any website you choose to add will be presented with it's own logo
  • -  Easy and intuitive access to your favorite websites

How Its Looks Like